Calling all writers!!!

If you have a poem or short story you would like to share, I am open to submissions. Forewarning: I reserve the right to not accept your work at this time. Your story or poem, if accepted, will be displayed on my blog with the greatest honor, as a guest post. You will keep all copyrights to the work and will receive full credit. Please use my Contact page to submit, and be sure to include your full name — and, if you don’t mind, what state you’re from (US citizens) or what country you reside in (everyone else).

Need a writer’s group but don’t know if there’s a good one nearby? Contact me, and I’ll see if I can’t find someone who can help you out.

Those in the Central Illinois Area are openly invited to join the King’s Pen writing group in Peoria. It is a Christian based writing group, with super supportive leadership and future friends. I am currently a member, and I know all the other members are very open and excited about new work.


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